Bridgeport Hormone Replacement Therapy

Few people realize that hormone replacement therapy encompasses a vast array of treatments for various issues. Usually, women will think of menopause symptom relief, and men may consider testosterone therapy when having fatigue or sexual difficulties. Few people know that hormone optimization can help in multiple ways, even earlier in life.

Improving your health and daily living is key in Bridgeport hormone replacement therapy. It can be empowering to explore treatment options that may help you feel better. Dr. Edward Jacobson can help you.

Hormone Changes As We Age

In the past, men and women have had to endure the negative effects of aging without much help. Many accepted the changes as normal and learned how to deal with them. Today, we understand that hormone supplement can positively influence some of these body changes. Replacing the hormones an older body no longer makes can have many positive effects.

Women can start to feel the changes of perimenopause and menopause years before their periods actually stop. Hormone fluctuations during this time can be uncomfortable. Many areas of a woman’s body, including bone, skin, and hair, are sensitive to the naturally occurring drop in hormones. We can help reduce menopause symptoms with bioidentical hormone replacement in Bridgeport.

Men can experience something called andropause, the male counterpart to menopause. With waning hormone levels, especially testosterone, men can experience decreased energy, mood swings, and decreased interest in sex, along with erectile dysfunction. When you feel you are experiencing these types of problems, we can help with carefully chosen hormone replacement.

Growth hormone therapy can lead to improvements in body composition and enhanced vitality for either men or women as we grow older. An increase in fat with a decrease in muscle can indicate a need for increasing HGH levels in your body.

Help For Other Health Problems

Hormone imbalances can lead to problems long before we reach menopause or andropause. Low libido and sexual dysfunction can affect men or women at any age. Many people want to find a way to improve sexual function. Hormone replacement therapy could be a solution.

Hormone management and supplementation in Bridgeport can assist in weight loss. Problems such as fatigue, depression, and difficulty losing weight can be an indication of thyroid malfunction. Routine testing at a primary care doctor’s office may miss this. A person should address low thyroid levels to keep their body running at its best because low thyroid function can raise the risk of heart disease.

Address Health Issues With Bridgeport Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones affect every part of our body. When hormone levels are lower than they should be, your health can suffer. Balanced hormones promote better health throughout your body. Hormone problems can strike at any age, so do not assume you need to wait until you are older.

We are proud to be a leader in Bridgeport hormone replacement therapy. Take advantage of our experience and commitment to delivering the highest quality services. Explore your options and find a new you with the help of Dr. Jacobson. Call for an appointment today.