California Hormone Replacement Therapy

Taking care of your physical and mental health is a complex process composed of many contributing factors, but a critical component of both is hormonal balance. More specifically, hormones are essential for regulating many body functions, including digestion, sleep, mood, libido, and sexual functioning. Therefore, when hormones become imbalanced due to medical conditions, age, or genetics, your emotional and physical well-being could face various negative impacts.

Fortunately, you can rebalance your hormone levels and reduce adverse symptoms for the long-term with treatment available at our clinic. Since hormonal imbalances are unique to each patient, Dr. Edward Jacobson will discuss your symptoms, medical history, and candidacy for treatment before deciding on the most appropriate California hormone replacement therapy for you. Consider working with our California office either in-person or virtually through FaceTime, Skype, or telephone if you are interested in the long-term benefits of hormone replacement treatments (HRT).

How Can Hormones Affect Your Body and Mind?

Hormones influence many physical and psychological aspects of your overall well-being. However, some hormones – such as thyroid hormones, testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, and cortisol – may become imbalanced over time or as a result of an underlying condition, resulting in adverse symptoms. For example, many hormone imbalances are caused by thyroid disorders, adrenal disorders, menopause, and andropause.

Each hormone directs the body to perform a specific function, such as sperm production for men and ovulation for women. Since hormones play a critical role in a variety of bodily functions, the symptoms of hormonal imbalances typically cause significant disruptions. For instance, men and women with hormone imbalances may experience weight gain, worsening depression or anxiety, declining bone density, and aging skin.

How Does HRT Balance Hormone Levels?

For most patients in California, hormone replacement therapy is an ongoing process to maintain healthy hormone levels, especially when a hormone imbalance is the result of long-term medical conditions or aging. It is therefore important to consider the benefits and disadvantages of available methods of HRT administration. In most cases, patients choose to receive hormone therapy  through the bloodstream via patches, topical creams or gels, pills, injections, or pellets.

The advantage of topical products, patches, and oral pills is the ability to adjust hormone doses easily during treatment, but these methods require daily use for patients. Alternatively, hormone replacement injections could be administered every few weeks, typically in two- to 10-week increments. A minimally invasive procedure is necessary for hormone pellets every three to four months to implant them beneath the skin.

Ask Our Office about California Hormone Replacement Therapy Options

While the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance are easily confused with typical changes associated with getting older or other minor health concerns, they could take a significant physical and mental toll if left untreated. California hormone replacement therapy takes a comprehensive approach to balancing your hormone levels to minimize physical and emotional disruptions in your day-to-day life. Many of our California patients report feeling more energized, a better general mood, and improved sexual gratification after hormone replacement treatment.

Since there are some medical risks associated with hormone therapy if you have certain medical conditions, assessing your symptoms and medical history is the first step toward undergoing the perfect treatment for your needs. If you are experiencing hormonal imbalance symptoms and would like to discuss treatment options either in-person or virtually, get in touch with Dr. Jacobson to schedule an appointment.