Greenwich Therapy for Decreased Libido

Libido plays an essential role in a man’s sexual satisfaction and fulfillment, and a decreased sex drive can diminish his self-confidence and lead to sexual dysfunction. Imbalanced hormones and the body’s natural decline in testosterone over time are two common factors in decreased libido in men.

If you are suffering from low sex drive, you should consider undergoing Greenwich therapy for decreased libido. A doctor at our clinic could help you identify the cause of your decreased libido and determine the most productive treatment to help you regain your sexual confidence, drive, and performance.

Common Causes of Decreased Libido

Decreased testosterone levels are among the leading causes of low libido in men. Testosterone levels peak during a man’s 20s and slowly drop over time. While the effects of low testosterone are more apparent in some men than in others, decreased libido is one of the most common symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Other factors can contribute to low sex drive as well. For example, emotional instability caused by anxiety or depression can contribute to loss of libido and impact a man’s sexual performance.

Certain types of medication and substance abuse can also cause a man to experience a decreased sex drive. Preexisting medical conditions such as hypogonadism causes the body to produce less testosterone than usual, which can contribute to decreased libido.

How Does Testosterone Affect the Male Body?

The testosterone hormone is one of the most vital male hormones and is responsible for the growth of facial hair, sperm count, and libido. It also impacts bone strength and muscle development. When a man experiences testosterone loss, this hormonal imbalance can cause an array of physical symptoms.

Besides a reduction in libido, changes in sexual performance, trouble sleeping, anxiety, depression, weight gain, and loss of muscle mass are also common signs that a man’s hormone levels have declined. When a man is dealing with decreased libido and other adverse symptoms due to unbalanced hormone levels, a Greenwich doctor may recommend several potential solutions to improve his sexual drive.

Testosterone Therapy to Combat Decreased Libido

Testosterone therapy uses bioidentical hormones drawn from plant sources to replace diminished hormones in a man’s body. These bioidentical hormones align with the hormones that the body produces naturally and can help a man achieve enhanced sexual vigor, in addition to a range of other benefits.

Besides combatting low libido and improving sexual drive, testosterone replacement therapy can also cause an increase in muscle mass and improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction. By balancing a man’s hormones, his emotional issues such as depression and anxiety can also be alleviated.

Talk with a Greenwich Doctor about Therapy for Decreased Libido

Greenwich therapy for decreased libido could help boost your sexual drive and performance. A doctor at out clinic will evaluate your medical history and run blood tests to determine the extent of any hormonal imbalance before prescribing the appropriate therapies and lifestyle changes. To schedule your introductory consultation with Dr. Edward Jacobson, contact us today.