Nutrigenomics refers to the study of interactions between a person’s food intake, nutrition, and genetic predispositions. With nutrigenomics tests, it may be possible for you to better understand your metabolic nuances and identify an appropriate treatment plan to obtain optimal health. Nutrigenomics testing in Greenwich can help pinpoint the particular genetic vulnerabilities that may otherwise prevent you from achieving maximum wellness and determine the most effective dietary and exercise regimen for your health needs.

Overview of Nutrigenomics Testing

Nutrigenomics testing in Greenwich may be conducted via blood tests or by taking saliva samples. The genetic indicators found in a patient’s test results will help the doctor determine the most effective nutrition plan for their specific health needs. For example, if you are experiencing ongoing gastrointestinal problems, a nutrigenomics test could help you identify food intolerances that are contributing to these issues.

The Impact of Nutrition on Chronic Health Conditions

The science behind nutrigenomics asserts that identifying how the body responds to specific chemicals found in food could help prevent and treat chronic health conditions with individualized dietary and lifestyle changes. Specific elements in food can latch onto a person’s genes and impact genetic function.

Depending on your genetic qualities and nutritional intake, your diet can put you at increased risk for numerous diseases and infections. Conversely, by identifying food sources that are adversely impacting your genetic function, it may be possible to reduce the symptoms associated with chronic health conditions.

Nutrigenomics testing is a groundbreaking diagnostic tool that examines the innate components of a person’s genetic configuration and determines whether they are more vulnerable to certain diseases based on the food they eat. This type of testing is highly personalized, as the dietary factors that may negatively impact one person’s genetic health could have little to no effect on another individual’s health. Once these dietary factors are identified, a Greenwich doctor can help you formulate and implement a customized nutrition plan to promote genetic healing and recovery.

Benefits of Nutrigenomics Testing

One of the most exciting aspects of nutrigenomics testing is that it delivers personalized health recommendations based on a person’s distinct genetic function and interactions. A nutrigenomics test examines a wide range of genetic markers with more than 16 different panels to determine what factors are causing a person to experience their specific set of symptoms. Upon receiving your test results, you will get a personalized report detailing proper nutritional intake and which foods you should stay away from.

Besides dietary recommendations, nutrigenomics testing can also be a valuable tool for discovering which forms of exercise may be most effective for your body. By maximizing your nutritional intake, eliminating any dietary factors that could be contributing to your health issues, and discovering what types of physical activity may be most beneficial for your physical fitness, you can realize greater health and vitality.

Speak with a Greenwich Doctor about Nutrigenomics Testing

If you are suffering with a chronic health condition or symptoms that cannot be traced to one specific cause, nutrigenomics testing in Greenwich could help you better understand the current state of your health and what changes could help you manage or reverse your condition. To receive your personal health evaluation, contact our Greenwich office today and book an appointment with Dr. Edward Jacobson.