Manhattan Hormone Replacement Therapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome can greatly detract from your quality of life and may even affect your ability to hold a job or work full-time. Perhaps your social life is suffering because you are too tired to get out and about as you once did. All told, you may be emotionally tired of feeling physically tired, and also sick of the lifestyle restrictions so common with this syndrome.

If all you want is to feel normal again, a skilled hormone therapy doctor may be able to help. After a physical examination and testing, Dr. Edward Jacobson could determine if you are a candidate for Manhattan hormone replacement therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome.

The Basics of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Not long ago, patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome were often dismissed by doctors and told they were imagining their symptoms. Now, it is known that people often develop chronic fatigue syndrome after experiencing trauma, viral infection, or some type of major stress in their lives.

While constant fatigue is, of course, the hallmark of the syndrome, it is not the only symptom. Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome may also experience:

• Enlarged lymph nodes
• Headaches
• Muscle and joint pain
• Memory loss
• Sore throat

Women are much more likely than men to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, and menopausal women, in particular, make up the largest cohort of chronic fatigue sufferers. While there is no outright “cure” for chronic fatigue syndrome, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may offer considerable symptom relief for Manhattan residents.

The Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormonal imbalances may cause some people to develop chronic fatigue syndrome. The silver lining of this is that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy—custom-tailored for each patient—may, therefore, offer symptom relief and allow patients to live a more normal life.

Bioidentical hormones are the same on the molecular level as the hormones naturally produced by the body. Once started on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, patients may find their sleep improving and no longer experience the cognitive issues—commonly known as “brain fog”—so often found with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Some of the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome overlap with those of menopause. Menopausal women whose ovaries are no longer producing estrogen may find that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy not only relieves chronic fatigue syndrome but may address other issues, such as loss of libido, night sweats, or hot flashes.

How Hormone Replacement Therapy is Designed in Manhattan

The patient’s medical history may include whether the symptoms began after a stressful life event or some form of trauma. Patients should share all their relevant experiences and symptoms with the doctor.

Based on the medical history and the results of blood or urine tests to check hormone levels, the doctor could devise a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy regimen for each individual. Because bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is part of a holistic approach to wellness, the doctor may also recommend a diet and exercise program designed specifically for each patient’s needs.

Speak with a Doctor in Manhattan About Hormone Replacement Therapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

If you are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and would like more information on how bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help, call the office of Dr. Edward Jacobson today and arrange a consultation in his office. Manhattan hormone replacement therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome may be exactly what you need to restore your energy and get back to living your life free of inescapable exhaustion.