Norwalk Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones affect many aspects of life. Symptoms from a hormone deficiency can affect any or all of three main areas: physical health, mental health, and sexual health. You may have lost vitality may be lost but can regain it with careful hormone replacement.

Hormone replacement therapy can play an important part in keeping your body healthy. While you may have heard about menopausal hormone replacement or low-T hormone replacement for men, those are only a starting point. Multiple other hormones play key roles in your health, and hormone replacement is not only for older people. Abnormal, reduced hormone levels can cause trouble at any age. Dr. Edward Jacobson is ready to guide you through Norwalk hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone Changes Over Time

Both men and women experience a slow decline in multiple hormone levels starting in middle age. This can lead to a variety of problems, many of which we consider to be a normal part of aging we cannot avoid. Today, we know this is no longer correct. Hormone replacement therapy can improve many problems people in Norwalk face with aging.

Vasomotor symptoms (VMS), or hot flashes, seem synonymous with menopause. Women also suffer from sleep loss and hair loss during menopause because of the shifts in hormone levels.

Men can struggle with decreased energy, muscle mass, and sexual performance as their hormone levels drop. Low-T can make men miserable.

Symptoms of Hormone Deficiency

Some of the general symptoms of a hormone deficiency include:

  • Loss of energy and stamina
  • Mood swings and emotional problems
  • Decrease in memory, focus, and concentration
  • Sexual problems such as decreased libido and performance problems
  • Changes in fat and muscle

Of course, many more symptoms can be attributed to low hormone levels. When you are wondering if your problems could be hormone-related you need to have a comprehensive consultation and hormone evaluation with Dr. Jacobson.

A single hormone deficiency can cause a variety of problems. Low estrogen levels cause multiple changes in women. On the other hand, a specific problem can be caused by more than one possible hormone deficiency. For example, fatigue could be due to low testosterone or thyroid function. We are here to sort this type of issue out and determine what the best hormone replacement therapy treatment in Norwalk will be.

HRT Treatment Options

Once we determine the hormonal problem, we will give you options for treating it. Sometimes, this means replacing only one hormone, but many times, multiple hormones may need supplementation for the best results. Bioidentical hormones give your body the exact same hormone as the ones found in your body. This can lead to a more complete relief of symptoms.

We Can Help With Norwalk Hormone Replacement Therapy

When you are struggling with problems due to hormonal issues, you may not know where to turn. Norwalk hormone replacement therapy can be the answer. We specialize in hormone replacement therapy for many different needs. Whether you are having physical or mental problems, do not hesitate to set up a consultation. Our experienced team is here to help with a comprehensive evaluation and an individualized hormonal treatment plan. Call today to learn more.