Gerri G.

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
“I am a woman in my mid fifties. After many years of an extremely good and satisfying sex life, something started to change. All urges and excitement seemed to be gone. It began to cause distance between my husband and myself and I started to accept this as a way of life. My husband of course took this disinterest personally and it caused distance in our relationship.

I made two attempts with different doctors for help. Needless to say, almost no change occurred. It became a really sad time. I missed what I had!

Finally I came across Dr. Jacobson’s website and emailed a few questions to him. After I read his responses, I decided to give one final attempt at getting my sexuality back.

I am so grateful that Doctor Jacobson worked closely with me, always monitoring my medication and checking on my health and well being. He has always insisted on frequent contact and took things slowly and safely. Thanks to Dr. Jacobson, I have my life back. Thank you Dr. Jacobson!”