It’s been five weeks since I added the pregnenolone and the afternoon thyroid “booster” to my daily schedule of HRT supplements and I feel like a new person. Who is she, you might ask?

The younger version of myself!

I can’t believe how much energy I have. More importantly, my brain is actually functioning again — and oddly, because my cognitive abilities are so much better, I only now realize that it has been a good (far too) long while since I had this much brain power; I didn’t even realize how significant my disability was until I literally woke up one moring and felt like my brain was on fire. My verbal and reading comprehension are so improved it’s scary. I can speak without halting the conversation looking for words and I can remember things without having to write everyting down. I sleep better and my mood couldn’t be better. I’m back to my optimistic self and even though there are stressors in my life, they aren’t front and center. And whatever aches and pains I had have been reduced and often I don’t feel any joint or post work-out discomfort at all.

And my family notices the difference (so it’s not all in my head).

Sending you a hug and a HUGE THANK YOU!