Bedford Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. Jacobson is the premier source for patients seeking hormone replacement therapy in Bedford.  You will obtain answers to all questions and receive a hormone treatment plan specific to your needs.

Key Points to Remember:

This type of therapy involves naturally-derived estrogen compounds and is available by prescription. It is preferred by many patients because of its similarity to their own naturally-produced estrogen and its success in reducing menopausal symptoms. Patients also report that they are more comfortable receiving the therapy in a lower dose (cream form) as opposed to a pill.

Women have reported that hormone replacement therapy in Bedford not only eliminates complications associated with menopause (examples include hot flashes, depression, loss of sex drive, weight gain, and bone loss), but also does so with little or no side effects. If any side effects do arise, the most common are fluid retention and irregular bleeding.

About HRT and Men

Andropause is the medical term for male-related aging. More commonly referred to as “male menopause”, it represents the gradual, naturally-occurring aging symptoms reported by men, such as reduced muscle mass, fatigue, depression, and lower sex drive.

Men should not expect to see an instantaneous reduction of symptoms. This hormone replacement therapy in Bedford will result in a gradual reduction of symptoms; along with the reduced risk of bone fracture, heart-related diseases and diabetes.

As with all types of medical care, you will achieve the maximum result by working closely with Dr. Jacobson to ensure that your treatment plan works best for your specific needs.  Keeping the lines of communication open will be critical to your health and success.