New York Hormone Replacement Therapy

Once you reach your thirties, forties, or fifties, you may catch yourself thinking about how you are not feeling as good or youthful as you once did. There is a biological reason for feeling this way—waning hormones that control your body’s biological processes.

Your endocrine glands produce hormones and release them into the bloodstream, which carries them to the correct body part. Hormones control several aspects of your health, such as your metabolism, sex drive and reproductive functions, how tall you are, and even hair growth. As you age, your hormone levels start to decrease and become imbalanced, which can take a toll on your health and wellness. Thankfully, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may be the solution you have been looking for.

For example, women suffering from the side effects of menopause such as night sweats, hot flashes, cognitive decline, hair loss, and vaginal dryness may benefit from hormone replacement therapy using bioidentical hormones. It can help banish these symptoms and restore vitality, vigor, and libido.

To learn more about New York hormone replacement therapy and if it is right for your needs, contact Dr. Jacobson at our clinic today.

Hormones For Your Well-Being

Hormone levels peak in your twenties and decline steadily as you age. You feel the effects: fatigue, low sex drive or performance issues, weight gain, menopause and andropause symptoms, lines and wrinkles, thinning bones, anxiety, and depression.

While a healthy diet and regular exercise can help, there is something more you can do for yourself if you want to feel your best at any age. Hormone Replacement Therapy in New York can replicate what your body is failing to produce and restore a sense of well-being by addressing the many problems that low or unbalanced hormones can cause. Optimum hormone levels can also be a barrier to some diseases but are primarily used to ward off or alleviate the problems associated with aging.

Hormones For an Active Life

If you are experiencing listlessness, menopause or andropause symptoms, or other signs of aging, Dr. Jacobson can consult with you and determine a therapeutic regimen that could restore your vigor, mood, and passion for life’s pleasures. Some of the most important hormones that decline with age but can be replenished through hormone replacement therapy in New York are:

Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone (HGH) is evident in children, who sprout rapidly and heal quickly when injured. Throughout your life, your liver releases the growth factor IGF-1, which stimulates cell rejuvenation and tissue repair, increases lean muscle while decreasing fat and cholesterol, improves sexual performance, desire, and sleep, protects the cardiovascular and immune systems, enhances energy and brain function, and improves bone density.


DHEA is a steroid hormone that promotes tissue renewal and a healthy immune system. DHEA assists with producing neurotransmitters for adequate short- and long-term memory. It can convert into other steroid hormones, including testosterone and estrogen. DHEA helps balance the body’s stress hormone, cortisol. When DHEA diminishes, and cortisol increases with age, you can become prone to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and adrenal gland fatigue.

Thyroid Hormones

The thyroid is your body’s thermostat. It produces hormones to regulate your metabolism, body temperature, fat storage, and cholesterol and help maintain healthy brain function. Thyroid hormones also play a role in heart function.


Testosterone is vital to men and women. In men, it serves as the primary reproductive hormone. Loss from aging leads to andropause, in which men see a loss of lean muscle, increase in body fat, and loss of libido and stamina. Women also need testosterone for similar reasons and will find it decreases with menopause, but it also protects joints and helps regulate blood pressure and cholesterol. Testosterone contributes to a better mood and sense of confidence.


Estrogen hormones are considered female hormones but, like testosterone, men’s bodies use them, too. They include estradiol, estriol, and estrone, which decrease as you age, ending for women in menopause. Estrogen is crucial for reproductive function, but it also promotes healthy organ and brain function. Replacing estrogen can relieve classic menopause symptoms such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and loss of libido.


Helpful to men and women, progesterone balances estrogen levels and is necessary for a healthy pregnancy. It protects women from breast and uterine cancer and men from prostate cancer. Progesterone protects bones from becoming brittle and is necessary for brain function.


Melatonin fights cancer as a powerful antioxidant but is also essential in regulating sleep, menstruation, and stress levels. Low melatonin levels trigger the immune system and body to break down as you age.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

What is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and how does it differ from synthetic hormone replacement therapy? Bioidentical hormones, derived from plant sources, are named because they are biologically identical to the natural hormones produced by a woman’s body.

Bioidentical hormones are individually prescribed for each patient and custom made in a compounding pharmacy. Synthetic hormone replacement therapy consists of off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all components. These hormones contain “conjugated equine estrogens,” derived from pregnant mare urine. Synthetic hormone replacement therapy may increase the risks of breast cancer, heart attacks, and stroke. That is not the case with bioidentical hormones.

In fact, a bioidentical hormone replacement regimen decreases the odds of developing cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, macular degeneration, dementia, and cardiovascular diseases. Other benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in New York include:

  • Firmer skin
  • Additional energy
  • Alleviating anxiety
  • Weight loss
  • Mood uplift
  • Sleep restoration
  • Vaginal lubrication

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Men in New York also benefit from hormone replacement therapy designed for them. As men age, their testosterone levels decline. Dehydroepiandrosterone, referred to as DHEA, is another hormone with lower production levels in older males.

DHEA aids the immune system and protects against diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The goal of male hormone replacement therapy is reaching the higher end of the normal range.

Men not only experience enhanced sexual performance. but may also lose the “paunch” associated with lower hormone levels. They can also enjoy an increase in muscle mass and gains in endurance and strength. Men receiving bioidentical testosterone therapy may also lower their risk of developing prostate cancer.

Recapture That Youthful Feeling With New York Hormone Replacement Therapy

People are living longer than ever before, and everyone wants those later years to be as productive and healthy as the earlier ones. It is possible to replace the hormones that we lose as we age. Dr. Jacobson can help determine which hormones you are lacking and help you understand why you may not feel like your best self.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may be prescribed after rigorous testing of each patient. Blood and saliva testing determine a patient’s current hormone levels. From these results and examinations, Dr. Jacobson devises a personal bioidentical hormone protocol for each patient. Once therapy begins, it is crucial that patients return for regularly scheduled follow-up visits.

Those sluggish, moody feelings, the increased fat around your waist, the brain fog, and lack of enthusiasm and energy are all byproducts of waning hormones. Although it is a part of aging, you can fight back. Call our clinic today to learn more about New York hormone replacement therapy and what it could do for you.