Mamaroneck Hormone Replacement Therapy

Men and women today have more options than ever for treating symptoms associated with aging. Bioidentical hormone therapy offers both male and female patients in Mamaroneck the opportunity to improve their quality of life.

Hormone Replacement

Hormone replacement is not a new concept in medicine. Bioidentical hormones are indistinguishable, at a molecular level, from hormones naturally produced by the human body, making them more easily accessed by the body and less likely to have harmful or negative side-effects than those that are synthesized from other sources.

Dr. Jacobson offers his compassion and expertise in finding the right therapy for his clients’ unique needs.  Aging should not happen at the expense of a high quality of life, and Dr. Jacobson is dedicated to offering the very best care in his field.

Long-term Benefits

Menopause and andropause (the female and male transitory ages) are often accompanied by discomfort. Poor memory, loss of libido, hot flashes, and depression are common in both men and women. More worrisome, however, are side effects that have more sinister implications; problems such as heart disease, osteoporosis, macular degeneration, and cancer.

Bioidentical hormone therapy in Mamaroneck may significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and degenerative diseases, as well as relieve the discomfort associated with fluctuations in hormone levels throughout the body.

Reasonable Expectations

It is important that clients understand that this type of therapy in any form is not going to completely reverse aging. Results from the procedure can take months to surface, though most report positive changes within a few weeks.  The long-term benefits of hormone replacement therapy in Mamaroneck are subtle but significant.

Located roughly 23 miles north of New York City, this charming Westchester town of Mamaroneck makes the services of Dr. Jacobson in Greenwich, CT easily accessible for residents of the area.  Dr. Jacobson is experienced in helping his clients find solutions for the discomfort associated with the various symptoms of aging.

Patients interested in a consultation should contact Dr. Jacobson’s office at 203-869-8360.  From Manhattan, his office is a short ride from Grand Central. Clients driving from Mamaroneck will find the office extremely convenient, being only a 15-minute drive up I-95 N, located at One Perryridge Road – First Floor – Greenwich, CT 06830.