Are you in good health, yet find that you just don’t have the same sex drive you had years ago?  Are you more tired than you used to be at the end of the day?  These may be normal signs of aging, but you don’t have to put up with them.  Safe, personalized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is an effective low sex drive treatment for men.

Treating Low Libido

There are currently five FDA-approved drugs available to treat erectile dysfunction, but these are synthetic products which can have several negative side effects.  Herbal testosterone supplements are also available, but they are not designed to meet a man’s individual needs and replace depleted hormones.  The best low sex drive treatment is to restore previous levels with safe, effective bioidentical hormones that are a mirror image of those produced in the body.

Bioidentical hormones are derived from plant sources such as soy and yams and have the same biological structure of human hormones.  Because the body doesn’t recognize the difference, these supplemental hormones are processed easily with no rejection.  Synthetic testosterone, also known as anabolic steroids, has been known to increase the risk for heart disease and cancer.  Studies conducted using bioidentical hormone therapy actual helps prevent heart problems by reducing high blood pressure, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. Therefore if suffering from this symptom, our low sex drive treatment in Connecticut may be able to help you.

Not Just Testosterone

Testosterone is not the only hormone associated aging which decreases during Andropause, and Connecticut low sex drive treatment for men also addresses DHEA and thyroid.  DHEA, which stands for dehydroepiandrosterone, also declines with age.  Scientists have found a direct correlation between high levels of DHEA and longevity while low levels can depress the immune system, cause insulin resistance with the potential for diabetes, and increase the risk of cancer and heart disease.  Restoring DHEA can enhance strength and energy, improve sexual desire and enhance orgasm.  DHEA can be found in health food stores and online, but these over-the-counter options are only completely effective for 6 hours.  Pharmaceutical grade DHEA, available through compounding pharmacies, can last a full 24 hours.

Thyroid is one of the most critical human hormones, yet one that men are not as likely to have checked.  In fact, many people are tested for thyroid deficiencies and are told that they need no supplementation, yet they still experience all of the symptoms of insufficient thyroid.  Some of these include cold hands and feet, exhaustion, lethargy, dry skin, hair loss, depression, and a loss of concentration.  The reason thyroid deficiency can be overlooked is because the actual production of thyroid does not decline, but the ability of the body cell’s to convert thyroid to the active form, Free T3, can diminish.  Unfortunately, most thyroid tests do not measure Free T3 so the results seem to indicate that everything is fine.  This is why so many people experiencing symptoms of hypothyroidism yet have normal standard test results.

When tests do indicate a lack of thyroid, the synthetic hormones commonly prescribed don’t address the body’s inability to convert enough thyroid to its active form.  Doctors specializing in bioidentical hormone treatment solve this problem by either supplementing the prescription with T3 or replacing it with a natural compound that contains all necessary forms of thyroid.