Unique Medical Approach

At Greenwich Hormones LLC, we understand the importance of symptom relief. Most physicians treat basic, unmonitored symptoms for both men and women, such as low testosterone or menopausal symptoms. We strongly rely upon medical studies with proven outcomes which protect and extend your quality of life.

Scores of studies have proven to reduce the incidence of heart attack by as much as 50%, Alzheimer’s disease 50%-80%, colon cancer 35%, diabetes and macular degeneration, and even reverse osteoporosis. These randomized controlled trials are easily accessible to you and your personal physician on the internet.

Your care is achieved through close frequent monitoring and individual optimization of your hormone levels, not just by having you ‘feel good.’

Caring Office Approach

Our experienced staff will spend time during your initial contact overviewing our program, answering your questions and reviewing our fee schedule with you.

Two, one-hour initial telemedicine consultations are scheduled with Dr. Jacobson, the first to obtain your medical history as well as to learn about your needs and goals. The second consultation reviews your laboratory test results, introduces our technique of hormone replacement and explains optimal monitoring.

You Have Choices!

We offer several hormone replacement options at to suit your needs.

Most men and women opt for Comprehensive treatment, meaning full hormone replacement therapy with all deficient hormones (i.e., estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, thyroid, Vitamin D, and others). This program is not only designed for you to feel your best but to proactively reduce your risks for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis. This approach has been proven to be highly effective in studies published in the medical literature and accessible on the internet.

This is achieved through ‘optimization’, that is by slowly raising all hormone levels to the very upper end of their ranges and closely monitoring these levels.

You may feel more comfortable optimizing only one or two hormones, e.g., estrogen-progesterone, testosterone, or just thyroid hormone alone.

For patients who simply desire symptom relief we offer standard treatment with minimal monitoring.

We also offer human growth hormone (HGH) therapy, sexual enhancement solutions, and genomic evaluation to diagnose and treat genetic variations or weaknesses that impact fatigue, weight gain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression.

All plans are individualized, with fees varying according to the complexity of the program. Our staff will be happy to discuss and answer your questions to help you determine the best program for you.