Chappaqua Hormone Replacement Therapy

Residents of Chappaqua, NY are counting among their blessings the relatively close proximity of an expert on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, the renowned Dr. Edward Jacobson. For many years he has shown great understanding and expertise in helping those afflicted with hormonal issues generally connected with aging.

When people experience troublesome physical and emotional symptoms associated with hormonal changes as they age, they often search for Chappaqua bioidentical hormone therapy. Finding help in these regards can be of great relief to people of both genders.

Replacement Therapy Benefits

Many changes occur in the body as it ages, including several effects from decreased levels of naturally produced hormones. In women, decreases in estrogen and progesterone occur when they reach menopause. In men, a similar condition called andropause or “men-o-pause” occurs when the natural production of testosterone decreases.

Upsetting and even painful symptoms in both men and women can be treated with synthetic drugs that improve hormonal levels. However, many people are concerned with the side effects associated with the use of such drugs.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Chappaqua is another lesser-known therapeutic approach that deals with symptoms of menopause and its male counterpart without the dangers of synthetic drugs.  Professionals, like Dr. Jacobson in Greenwich, provide therapy using hormone replacement medications that are identical in molecular composition to naturally occurring hormones. Problems resulting from hormone deficiencies can often be corrected with only a few short months of therapy.

Expected Results

In women, the mentioned therapy can offer relief from menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, loss of sexual desire, and depression. Men can recover their strength and stamina, and generally feel better. The risk of cancer, heart problems, osteoporosis, and macular degeneration is also decreased.

Accessing Treatment

Dr. Jacobson is a specialist in hormone replacement therapy in Chappaqua. A call to him for an initial consultation is the first step to feeling better. His office is only a 15-mile drive from Chappaqua, and is located at One Perryridge Road, First Floor, in Greenwich, CT 06830.