Rowayton Hormone Replacement Therapy

A commonly known bioidentical treatment is estrogen replacement. Estrogen replacement is well known because it is associated with the hormone deficiencies that accompany menopause. Women who are experiencing the effects of menopause can certainly appreciate the benefits of Rowayton bioidentical hormone replacement.

Just down the coast a bit, Dr. Jacobson in Greenwich, CT provides the mentioned hormone therapy. Not only is his office convenient for Rowayton residents, but he is also the best choice in the Long Island Sound coastal region. Dr. Jacobson specializes in women’s health issues, including this type of therapy as a treatment for menopause.

Bioidentical Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical estrogen is synthesized to exactly replicate the estrogen naturally produced by the body. When estrogen production by the body declines, bioidentical estrogen is used to replace what is missing. This type of hormone replacement therapy in Rowayton keeps estrogen at healthy levels.

Women who are interested in more information about bioidentical hormone therapy in Roywayton should contact Dr. Jacobson at the number listed below. He is able to discuss a patient’s needs on a case-by-case basis so that the treatment is successful.