Danbury Hormone Replacement Therapy

This type of therapy, or BHRT, replaces hormones, including estrone, estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone with synthetic hormones. These synthetic hormones are matched to the patient’s own hormones using saliva and blood tests. BHRT is commonly used to treat the symptoms of aging, especially in menopause and andropause.

The benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Danbury do not present themselves immediately. When seeking BHRT, expect gradual improvements over the span of a few months. In addition to reducing the symptoms of aging, you can expect to enjoy cardiovascular benefits, protection against diabetes, and reduced fracture risks.

Andropause in Men vs. Menopause in Women

Andropause is the medical term for male aging. It is also commonly referred to as male menopause, because many of the symptoms of andropause are similar to those that women experience during menopause. When men go through andropause, they experience physical and emotional changes, including fatigue, reduced sex drive, increased moodiness, and feelings of physical weakness, anger, irritability, and depression.

Many female clients seek out hormone replacement therapy in Danbury to alleviate menopausal symptoms, including night sweats, sleep disturbances, hot flashes, poor memory, depression, and decreased sex drive. When undergoing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, you can expect to slow the effects of aging and reduce your susceptibility to heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and macular degeneration.

Choosing a Surgeon

For people suffering from distressing symptoms of aging, Danbury, Connecticut is a convenient place to live. Residing within the New York metropolitan area provides you with a wealth of medical choices, but the best option for BHRT is in Greenwich.

If you live in the Danbury area, you are less than an hour’s drive away from a BHRT expert. Dr. Jacobson is located on the first floor of One Perryridge Road in Greenwich, and he can be contacted by phone to discuss the benefits of hormone replacement therapy for Danbury patients.