Adrenal Fatigue Treatment in California

Adrenal fatigue explains symptoms associated with long-term mental, emotional, or physical stress. Your adrenal glands produce hormones, including cortisol, in response to stress. Sometimes, chronic stress can overwhelm the ability of your adrenal glands to produce enough of these hormones, and symptoms can appear.

Enduring constant fatigue can severely affect your life. Adrenal fatigue treatment in California can help you address your symptoms and reclaim your life. Dr. Edward Jacobson can use his knowledge of hormone treatment to address your needs.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

The symptoms of adrenal fatigue are real. Under chronic stress conditions, the adrenal glands cannot produce enough hormones like cortisol, causing symptoms of fatigue, sleeping disorders, sugar and salt cravings, lack of motivation, and brain fog to develop. Our California team can review your adrenal fatigue symptoms and determine if treatment is the right option.

Stages of Adrenal Fatigue

We have developed a comprehensive program to treat the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Our seasoned California wellness doctor, Dr. Edward Jacobson, will work with you on your personalized treatment plan, which will consider which stage you are at in the progression of adrenal fatigue.

Stage 1: Cortisol Levels Spike

Stage 1 adrenal fatigue affects the levels of testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen your body produces. This can cause an imbalance in your immune system and metabolic rate.

Stage 2: Decreased Cortisol and DHEA Levels

This stage causes symptoms of depression, insomnia, anxiety, weight loss, recurrent infections, and impaired memory.

Stage 3: Adrenal Glands Stop Producing Cortisol

You will suffer chronic fatigue during this stage. Day-to-day activities and work-related tasks will become difficult to execute.

Treatment Approach for Adrenal Fatigue

Our team in California will create a personalized treatment plan focusing on nutrition, exercise, and stress management.


We will use IV micronutrient therapy to deliver nutrients to your bloodstream. This will address any nutrient deficiencies. IV micronutrient therapy provides your body with the nutrients it needs to repair damaged cells, further enhancing the healing process.

Focusing on your diet is an important part of adrenal fatigue treatment. Eating regularly and including protein in your diet will support your adrenal health. You should reduce your caffeine and processed foods intake and increase your intake of organic veggies, which will help keep your cortisol at a normal level. Adding magnesium-rich foods, like fatty fish, legumes, and leafy greens, to your diet can support adrenal health.


High-impact exercise stresses your body, making it difficult for your adrenal glands to keep up. Try low-impact exercises like yoga or Pilates.

Stress Management

A toolkit of stress management tools can help prevent and combat adrenal fatigue. Learning meditation, relaxation, and deep breathing techniques can help reduce stress. Getting sufficient sleep is also essential. Try to create a sleep routine that limits late-night time on devices and creates a comfortable sleep environment. Getting enough quality sleep will optimize cortisol levels.

Call to Learn More About Adrenal Fatigue Treatment in California

The symptoms of adrenal fatigue can profoundly affect your life. We provide a focused adrenal fatigue treatment program to support your adrenal function, including nutrition, exercise, and stress management components. Our program supports your adrenal glands, helping them adapt to daily stressors and balance their important functions. Adrenal fatigue treatment in California starts with a thorough evaluation of your physical condition and symptoms. We will create a personalized treatment plan designed specifically for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.