Both men and women go through changes in their lives as they grow older. For women, these changes are called menopause, and this can lead to a variety of different symptoms that are disruptive and difficult to live with. Men aren’t exempt either. They go through a process called andropause that can have just as many negative effects on their bodies.

In both cases, the symptoms themselves are attributed to a loss in hormones. When the body grows older, it doesn’t produce enough testosterone and estrogen. To relieve the symptoms and problems, a hormone replacement therapy must be used.

For your hormone replacement, you have two different options: synthetic drugs or natural therapies called bioidentical hormone replacement. It is important that you understand clearly which of the two is the better option for your own body.

Synthetic Therapies

The purpose of hormone replacement is to give the body back the hormones it can no longer create on its own. When you take synthetic medications, they may serve a purpose, but they can never recreate the same chemicals that your body makes. There are definitely other types of medications you must take for your medical health, but in the case of hormone replacement, you do have an alternative choice that works even better. That’s why you need to understand the dangers of synthetic replacement.

When you take the synthetic medications, there may be a slight increase in the risk of cancer. In addition, taking certain synthetic hormones is associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Bioidentical Hormone Natural Therapy

Unlike synthetic hormones, natural menopausal remedies which use bioidentical hormones are both safe and effective.  These hormones are derived from plant sources such as soy and yam, and are identical in structure to the hormones produced in the human body.  Because of this, the body cannot distinguish between the hormones introduced therapeutically and those which are being produced naturally.

Benefits of BHRT

Treatment with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is not only more effective than other forms of hormone replacement therapy, but also safer. Bioidentical hormones are not associated with the increased risks for cancer or cardiovascular disease that earlier versions of synthetic hormones have shown.

For effectiveness, bioidenticals compare favorably against naturally occurring hormones as well as traditional synthetics. In the right dosage, which will vary from person to person, BHRT can restore youthful energy, slow the signs of aging, and replace lost libido in both sexes.

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