Our Testimonials

Jamie Donahue

For as long as I can remember I’ve experienced premenstrual physical and emotional imbalance and general discomfort.

Dr. Jacobson assured me that these symptoms were not a life sentence and he took great time and care to help identify the best course of treatment. Through genetic testing we discovered a few weaknesses that were contributing to my monthly ailments. Dr. Jacobson created a protocol that has worked wonders for me and thanks to his constant care and kindness I have found relief from my monthly misery! I’m so grateful for Dr. Jacobson. Not only is he a physician who approaches health from an individual perspective but he gives his patients the time, energy and wisdom we all deserve to feel our best!
Law Molins
I started seeing Dr Jacobson in February of 2021. Deep into menopause, I had gained almost 15 pounds, my mood swings were extreme and I was unable to sleep. I think the worst part was the hot flashes and constant crying. After a recommendation from my sis, I decided to consult with Dr J who started me on bio identical hormone's following a very comprehensive blood work up. It took a few months of adjusting the doses before I started seeing major results. The hot flashes stopped within a few days. After about 3 months I started losing weight. I had more energy and my moods definitely lightened. My sleep improved and my libido was back. Dr Jacobson knows of what he treats. He went over my blood panel, which was extensive, in order to best treat/regulate my hormones. It's been a year and a half and I feel amazing. It's not a quick process for everyone, but it does work. Dr J is the real deal. On another note, he's one of the warmest, most knowledgeable docs treating women with menopausal issues. I feel lucky that he was recommended to me. Law Molins Testimonial
Olga Bristol
Alive again! I was literally falling apart: every half hour embarrassing sweat would break down, my mind was foggy, my walk was unstable, and the process of gaining weight seemed to be unstoppable. My doctor’s advice was to “deal with it”. I was shaking, crying and feeling completely inadequate. It all changed when I walked into the office of Dr. Jacobson who prescribed a set of bioidentical hormones based on my symptoms, health history and the results of comprehensive blood tests. The treatment did wonders, I came back to life and in three months I was happily reporting how much better I felt. But that was not enough for Dr. Jacobson, his goal for me was not just to feel better, but to feel great! And for the last four years he did just that: constantly fine-tuning the fragile balance of my hormones. I want to thank Dr. Jacobson for bringing me back to vibrant, healthy life that I thought was lost for me. And to those of you who are suffering from hormonal imbalance I want to say, don’t waste precious years of your life, make an appointment and let Dr. Jacobson help you! You won’t find a more competent, attentive and compassionate doctor in the HRT field! I also want to mention his staff members, Tammie and Paula who are incredibly helpful and professional. They respond immediately and go an extra mile to accommodate every single request. The whole experience is simply amazing!
Megan S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Jacobson’s for about 5 years now and I highly recommend him. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, kind and listens thoughtfully to your concerns. He wants you to feel the best you can possibly feel, and I certainly feel much better now than I did 4-5 years ago. My energy, mood and sleep among other menopause symptoms have all improved greatly from his expertise in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Jacobson is careful and checks your progress at appropriate intervals of time to safely maximize your results.

Daniel Calabrese
I had an awesome talk today with Dr. Jacobson who is a OBGYN in Greenwich CT and has been specializing in hormonal treatment for women going through menopause for the last 20 years. I have a client who has been seeing Dr Jacobson for hormone treatment and has had amazing results, more than that I was so impressed by how he handled her case, addressed her concerns, and even spoke to some of her other doctors who had opposing views. I’ve come to find many doctors are very out of touch with the current research of hormones and treat the subject like the Black Plague. I had a 30 min long conversation but the sound didn’t record . All of his approaches are tied into the latest studies and I’ll try my best to recap some key points: -women can experience pre menopausal symptoms from mid 30s- mid 50s -what blood test and numbers to look out for in checking thyroid function and checking free t3, free test, and what levels are low but more importantly to treat the symptoms and not just the numbers -common thoughts about men taking testosterone and increase prostrate size , which he believed isn’t as much of a concern as other doctors make it seem -increasing red blood cell count in men and the “increased risk of stroke” which again he dispelled -the dangers of men having too much testosterone...very little according to his research -the benefits of having higher estrogen in men and the cardio protecting effects and how when taking testosterone, the estrogen levels really aren’t a concern unless symptoms come up -the dangers of men taking too much anti-Estrogens and the effects on the heart -the cognitive effects in mood , thought , performance from balanced hormones -how all supplements like dhea and thyroid aren’t created equal and some can be less quality and have fillers It was a great talk and I’ve spoke with numerous doctors in this field. To find a forward-thinking doctor who stays current with research and takes the time to talk to his patients is almost obsolete.
Ali G.
As a fitness professional who specializes in hormone optimization, I spend a lot of time at medical conferences and speaking to various doctors around the world. One is hard pressed to find a doctor who is up to date on all the relevant HRT research, and Dr. Jacobson IS! The biggest myth many of my clients hear is that TRT and women's HRT causes cancer or heart issues. all of that antiquated info has been refuted and upended, yet many doctors still practice as if it were the 90's. I recommend Dr. Jacobson in the highest fashion, he takes the time to get to know you, responds to emails, and can sort through all the BS that floats around the medical world. He is amazing and I will stick with him even when I move to FL, as he can practice telemedicine. I had to fire so many other gyno's who argued with me over birth control and hormones. He is awesome, I really look forward to my appointments :)