How 5 Minutes Each Month May Save Your Life


If you could save a life by performing a five-minute ritual each month, would you? If you’re like most people, you probably would. Some may ask, “Whose life?” The answer: your own.

So what is this ritual, and how difficult is it? Relax, it’s incredibly simple, and you may already know how to do it. It’s a monthly breast self-exam. You can do this in the shower or while lying in bed, and it could help you to detect a breast tumor while it’s still tiny and easily removed without taking the whole breast. Early detection could save your breast or your life.

Breast Self-Exam: When and How

The exam is best done several days after your period begins. If you don’t have periods (due to menopause or birth control), choose the same day each month.

Ask your doctor how to perform this simple check. Alternatively, you can find detailed instructions here. The goal is to get used to the feel of your breast tissue so you’ll notice any changes immediately.