How Can Telemedicine Help Continue Hormone Therapy Treatments?

cell phone video call between a man and a woman wearing chinstraps

The Coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected businesses, organizations, and health service providers across the United States. Many states, including Connecticut, New York, and California have issued stay-at-home orders and other restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Although many services are being restricted due to the Coronavirus, you may continue hormone replacement therapy treatments with the help of telemedicine services. Because of this, many patients are asking how these services can help start or continue bioidentical hormone replacement therapy treatments.

How Telemedicine Can Help

An experienced doctor may still monitor and optimize your hormone replacement treatment plan using telemedicine services such as phone or video appointments. This would allow you to continue your estrogen, testosterone, or other bioidentical hormone replacement plan. Through online consultations, Dr. Edward Jacobson can answer your questions and adjust your diet or exercise plans accordingly. He may also discuss changing your treatment plan to better fit your specific lifestyle circumstances.

Can I Start Hormone Replacement Therapy During COVID-19?

If you are interested in starting hormone therapy replacement during COVID-19, you should consult a doctor online or over the phone. Initial consultations may be useful in answering questions, gathering information, and discussing a customized treatment program.

Some key points to discuss during an initial consultation include treatment goals, medical history, and any previous hormone replacement therapy experience you may have. Dr. Jacobson may also arrange initial testing to help establish a bioidentical hormone replacement treatment plan.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

There are many benefits to starting or continuing hormone replacement therapy. Bioidentical hormone treatment may help prevent macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, and even certain types of cancers. Additionally, hormone therapy may increase libido, prevent signs of aging, and increase energy levels. Many bioidentical hormone replacement treatments are derived from plant-based sources and can be administered through creams, patches, or gels.

Talk to an Experienced Doctor about Hormone Replacement Therapy

Those interested in starting or continuing hormone replacement therapy should discuss their options with a skilled medical professional. A well-practiced doctor could explain the potential risks and benefits associated with hormone replacement therapy and create a plan that fits your lifestyle. To find the right treatment plan for you, contact Dr. Edward Jacobson today and arrange a consultation.