Misconceptions About Adrenal Fatigue

Even if you think you are fairly knowledgeable about adrenal fatigue, you may have fallen prey to some of the common misconceptions about the condition. Even though adrenal depletion affects virtually every part of the body, public knowledge about regarding adrenal fatigue is still evolving. That is why so many symptoms may be indicative of adrenal fatigue and misconceptions about adrenal fatigue abound. Therefore, consulting with a skilled hormone therapy doctor regarding your symptoms can be critical for your treatment and state of mind.

Duration and Development of Fatigue Symptoms

In some patients, it is true that adrenal fatigue develops over a long period. In other patients, though, adrenal fatigue can come on fairly rapidly. A person who has undergone trauma and is under incredible stress for a short period of time can easily develop adrenal fatigue.

Unfortunately, such an individual may see the side effects of adrenal fatigue as “normal” due to their trauma and not seek appropriate medical intervention, thinking they will “tough it out.” No matter what circumstances may produce adrenal fatigue, it may be important to seek a doctor’s input when experiencing any symptoms that could suggest the condition’s presence.

How to Recover from Adrenal Fatigue Without Treatment

Those in the very early stages of adrenal fatigue may recover without treatment. Most of these people never realize they had adrenal fatigue in the first place, instead believing they simply had trouble sleeping or related issues.

When a particular type of stress is affecting a person and that stress dissipates, such as someone out of work who finds a job, lowered stress levels may mean their adrenal function returns to normal. However, people in the latter stages of adrenal fatigue often need some form of medical intervention

Only Those in High-Stress Situations Suffer from Adrenal Fatigue

Since stress is a major trigger of adrenal fatigue, this is likely the most common misconception. Everyone experiences some level of stress in their daily lives—it is just part of being human. To that end, some individuals are better able to cope with stress than others.

A person with an obviously stressful life may not have issues with adrenal fatigue, while someone whose life seems relatively care-free may have a terrible time with the condition. Anyone with adrenal fatigue symptoms should have testing to determine their hormone levels, no matter the outward appearance of their life.

Are There Recommended Sleep Cures Adrenal Fatigue?

Since literal fatigue and insomnia are major symptoms of adrenal fatigue, there is no doubt that regularly getting a good night’s sleep can and usually does help. However, bedrest alone is not a cure. If someone cannot get to sleep on their own, taking a sleeping medication each night to achieve proper rest is often just substituting one problem for another. Typically, a holistic approach addressing all aspects of adrenal fatigue is needed.

How Does Adrenal Fatigue Affect Older People?

While adrenal fatigue is most commonly diagnosed in older people, younger people are just as vulnerable. Today’s fast-paced, technology-dependent lifestyles lend themselves to adrenal fatigue in younger adults and even teenagers.

Additionally, the line between work and free time grows ever thinner with devices almost always in hand. This lack of downtime and relaxation contributes to stress and thus exacerbates the adrenal gland’s production of stress hormones, such as cortisol.


How Dr. Jacobson Can Help

If you suspect adrenal fatigue is affecting you, call Dr. Edward Jacobson today and arrange a consultation. You may think you would be the last person to suffer from adrenal fatigue, but only formal testing can answer that question with certainty.

If it turns out you do have adrenal fatigue, Dr. Jacobson could help you with bioidentical hormone treatment, along with a custom-tailored nutritional, diet, and exercise plan. Call today to schedule a consultation at Dr. Jacobson’s home office in Greenwich, Connecticut, or check what his availability will be in his satellite practice areas of Manhattan, Beverly Hills, and Newport Beach.