Low Libido Quiz for Men

Decreased libido is a common problem among men, but if you’re like many American males, you don’t want to talk about it. Studies show that at least one in five men suffers from low sex drive – but what’s the root cause of it, and can it be treated?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to how high your sex drive should be. The truth is, only you know if your libido is low enough that it causes you to be uncomfortable with your levels of desire.

There are many reasons – medications, stress and fatigue – that can cause a man to have a low sex drive. However, in many cases, there’s an underlying issue: a hormonal imbalance. The hormone testosterone, for example, contributes greatly to a man’s sex drive. If you’re low on testosterone, it makes sense for your sex drive to plummet. Other hormones can play a role in low libido, as well.

The Low Libido Quiz for Men

How can you tell if you have low libido? According to professionals, you’ll need to give yourself a “true” or “false” answer to the following questions.

  1. You and your partner only touch each other intimately in the bedroom.
  2. You don’t feel connected with your partner when you have sex.
  3. You don’t look forward to sex.
  4. Sex feels routine, and in some cases, mechanical.
  5. You rarely or never have sexual fantasies about your partner.
  6. When you do have sex, one of you is always the initiator.
  7. At the most, you have sex once or twice per month.

If you have more true answers than false answers, you likely have low libido – and it’s a good idea to find out why (and treat the issue) sooner rather than later.