Andropause Treatment in Greenwich

While most people are familiar with menopause as it occurs in women, some are not aware that men can suffer from many of the same effects of menopause as they age. Male menopause is known as andropause and usually causes imbalanced hormones. If you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone such as decreased energy, low sex drive, and brain fog, it may be time to speak with a hormone therapy doctor about whether you could benefit from andropause treatment in Greenwich.

Understanding Andropause

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in the male body and affects many aspects of development, growth, muscle mass, bone density, sperm count, and sex drive. As a man ages, his testosterone levels naturally decrease.

In some cases, this natural decline can cause significant hormone imbalances and adverse symptoms. Besides age, specific disorders or health conditions can also cause a man to transition into andropause, such as prostate cancer.

Andropause can affect a wide variety of changes in a man’s physical and mental state. For example, significant mood changes, disinterest in sex, exhaustion, hair loss, weight gain, and erectile dysfunction are common symptoms associated with andropause.

Reaching a Diagnosis

A Greenwich doctor may use several methods to reach a diagnosis of andropause before prescribing the appropriate treatment. In your initial consultation, the physician would review your medical history and likely order blood tests to check your hormone levels.

They may also conduct a physical exam and discuss the various symptoms that you have been experiencing. It is also vital to confirm that no other medical conditions are causing your symptoms before making a final diagnosis.

Benefits of Andropause Treatment

As part of a patient’s andropause treatment, a Greenwich physician may instruct them to make some dietary and lifestyle changes. In addition to any lifestyle modifications, the doctor could also advise a patient to undergo testosterone replacement therapy to treat symptoms such as low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and other adverse conditions associated with hormone imbalance.

Andropause treatment can help increase muscle mass and bone density while promoting a healthy weight. This type of treatment uses plant-derived hormones that copy the molecular makeup of natural testosterone hormones and can be given to a patient in a variety of ways, including pill and injection form.

Side Effects

Treatment may cause skin irritation and side effects such as breast growth, low sperm count, and acne in some men. Men who have prostate issues or testicular cancer should consult with their doctors before undergoing andropause treatment. If you are interested in alleviating symptoms associated with andropause, you should seek a local doctor’s advice to discuss your candidacy for treatment.

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Andropause treatment can be a powerful solution to help you restore declining hormones and manage your symptoms. A doctor could help you make the best decision for your physical, psychological, and sexual health and determine whether you may be a good candidate for andropause treatment in Greenwich. Contact our Greenwich office today to book your introductory consultation and learn more about your options.