Fairfield County Hormone Therapy for Men

Hormone deficiencies can cause a multitude of unpleasant side effects for men, ranging from diminished bone mass, a reduced sexual drive, and sexual dysfunction, to exhaustion, depression, and weight gain. If you are suffering from the adverse effects of depleted hormones, hormone therapy for men in Fairfield County could help you regain your former state of wellness and vitality.


The testosterone hormone is necessary to support healthy male muscle mass, bone strength, sexual vigor, and sperm count. It also plays a major role in a man’s body fat composition and red blood cell count.

Testosterone levels are typically at their highest from a male’s teen years until around the age of 30. Once a man reaches 30-40 years of age, his testosterone levels slowly diminish year by year. While reduced testosterone levels are a normal part of aging, men may experience a drastic drop from a medical condition called hypogonadism.

Men may be diagnosed with hypogonadism if their pituitary gland or testicles are not functioning properly, causing a decline in testosterone production. Hormone therapy in Fairfield County could help men rebalance their testosterone levels and enjoy a noticeable reduction in symptoms.

Forms of Therapy

A Fairfield County physician may administer hormone therapy for men in several ways. For example, hormone replacements are available in gel, patch, or injectable forms.

If a gel is prescribed, the patient may be instructed to apply it daily to their abdomen, arms, or shoulders. Patches may also be applied daily as directed by a doctor. Injections would be administered every few weeks directly into the buttocks.

Hormone replacement therapy often involves bioidentical hormones, which are a safer and more efficient alternatives to standard synthetic hormones. While synthetic hormones are usually derived from the urine of a pregnant horse, bioidentical alternatives are plant-based and molecularly identical to the hormones produced naturally by a man’s body.

Potential Side Effects Associated with Men’s Hormone Therapy

While most patients enjoy marked improvements after receiving hormone therapy, some may be at a higher risk of experiencing specific complications. Side effects of hormone therapy for men in Fairfield County include:

  • Frequent urination
  • Aggravated sleep apnea
  • Fertility issues
  • High cholesterol
  • Muscular discomfort
  • Skin issues

In some patients, hormone therapy may promote a higher red blood cell count, which could increase their risk of clotting and chest pain.

Dr. Edward Jacobson could help hormone therapy candidates in Fairfield County determine which treatment options are the best solution for their individual medical needs. He would also test a man’s testosterone levels several times before prescribing any hormone therapy treatment.

Call Today to Learn More about Fairfield County Hormone Therapy for Men

If you are considering hormone therapy for men in Fairfield County, it is important to be aware of the potential benefits and risks that may be involved. Dr. Jacobson could review your medical history, conduct a thorough examination, and order blood tests to help you assess whether hormone therapy could be beneficial to your health.

Hormone therapy may be able to help you recover some of your youthful energy and vigor while promoting healthier aging. Call now to arrange your appointment at our Connecticut clinic.