Fairfield County Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Fairfield County Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

It is normal to experience some fatigue from time to time, like after an especially busy or stressful week at work. It is not normal, however, to suffer from excessive fatigue that does not let up with proper sleep. If you are dealing with ongoing tiredness which is not caused by a known medical condition, you may be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

It is wise to speak with a Connecticut doctor about Fairfield County chronic fatigue syndrome treatment if you suspect that you are suffering from this condition. There is no specific treatment that can completely eradicate chronic fatigue. However, through a range of specialized therapies and customized treatment plan, you could experience a noticeable improvement in the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Diagnosing and Fighting Chronic Fatigue

No specific diagnostic test currently exists to confirm whether a patient has chronic fatigue syndrome. Therefore, Dr. Edward Jacobson would need to eliminate the possibility of other medical conditions as the underlying cause of a Fairfield County patient’s symptoms prior to prescribing chronic fatigue syndrome treatment.

In the initial patient consultation, Dr. Jacobson would discuss the magnitude of their symptoms as well as how long they have been experiencing them. It is important to confirm that no other preexisting health issues are causing the patient’s chronic fatigue, as there are a number of medical conditions that closely mimic this illness, such as Lyme disease and fibromyalgia.

Once Dr. Jacobson isolates a patient’s chronic fatigue, he would work with them to determine what treatments may be most effective to alleviate their symptoms. He may recommend certain medications to ease discomfort caused by chronic fatigue syndrome or to help the patient achieve a more restful sleep. Specific exercise guidelines and dietary changes may also be recommended as part of a patient’s chronic fatigue syndrome treatment in Fairfield County.

Associated Symptoms

Chronic fatigue syndrome can manifest in variety of ways, with the most notable symptom being extreme tiredness that does not abate with rest and which is so significant that it inhibits the person’s ability to participate in everyday life activities.

Additional symptoms commonly associated with chronic fatigue syndrome include feeling exhausted after a full night of rest, difficulty sleeping, cognitive fog, and poor memory. Other signs of chronic tiredness include muscular discomfort and achy joints. In certain patients, symptoms may subside for a time then return.

Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Some individuals may be more vulnerable to developing chronic fatigue syndrome than others due to preexisting genetic factors, but the precise cause of this condition has yet to be determined. Poor immunity and hormone issues have also been linked to chronic fatigue syndrome, along with specific bacterial infections. Illnesses such as Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) may trigger chronic fatigue syndrome as well.

Discuss Fairfield County Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment with a Doctor

If you believe you may be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, it is important to speak to a physician who could help you determine the most suitable treatment options for your specific needs. Fairfield County chronic fatigue syndrome treatment could help you experience the relief from your symptoms that you need to regain balance in your daily life. Call today to book your appointment with a qualified doctor.