Rhode Island Decreased Energy Treatments

If you are struggling with staying energized and your fatigue is affecting your work or personal life, you may have a medically treatable condition. While there are many reasons for energy levels to decrease, hormonal imbalance is often the root cause, especially for those in their 40s and 50s. Dr. Edward Jacobson can provide decreased energy treatments to patients in Rhode Island in order to restore energy levels and improve overall health.

Causes of Decreased Energy

As men and women age, their hormone levels decline. Many women experience hormonal changes as they enter menopause usually by their early 50s, and men also go through andropause, which—while generally less dramatic—occurs at about the same time as menopause in females. The loss of estrogen in women and testosterone in men can lead to many symptoms such as loss of libido, fatigue, mood swings, insomnia, and decreased energy.

Decreased energy is also a primary symptom of low thyroid levels, which can be determined via blood tests. Other symptoms which may lead a physician to suspect thyroid issues as the cause of fatigue and low energy include consistent chills, puffy face, hair loss, and drying skin.


Hormone levels are determined via blood and saliva testing. A doctor would take a complete medical history and perform a thorough examination for each patient. Patients should also disclose their current symptoms to the doctor, as well as all prescription and over-the-counter medications in use.

Testing would also rule out or confirm certain conditions which may be contributing to the low energy. In some circumstances, a physician may recommend that a patient sees a specialist in that field.

Decreased Energy Treatment Options

Decreased energy treatments in Rhode Island depend on the cause of a patient’s condition. If someone’s estrogen or testosterone levels are low, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may increase energy and allow patients to receive sufficient sleep, among various other benefits.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which the body recognizes as molecularly identical to naturally produced hormones, is available for women in pill, injectable, intradermal pellet, cream, and gel forms. For men, bioidentical testosterone is available in injectable, intradermal pellet, patch, cream, and gel formats. All bioidentical hormones are custom-made for each patient in a state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy generally has few side effects, and patients receive regular monitoring to ensure their progress. Some people feel revitalized shortly after commencing decreased energy treatment, whereas others may feel the benefits of this therapy after several weeks of careful dosage adjustments. A qualified doctor could discuss the best regimen of decreased energy treatments for each Rhode Island patient based on their individual circumstances.

Get in Touch with a Physician to Learn More about Decreased Energy Treatments in Rhode Island

If lack of energy is negatively affecting your life in Rhode Island, you could benefit from decreased energy treatments administered by an experienced doctor. Call the Greenwich office of Dr. Edward Jacobson to arrange an initial consultation and receive more information on how you may attain both increased energy and optimal wellness.