Tips for Naturally Balancing Estrogen Levels

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As a woman ages, her body gradually produces less of the hormone estrogen, typically starting in her 40s. This hormonal imbalance leads to various stages of menopause, which is characterized by widely fluctuating hormone levels and culminates in the absence of a menstrual cycle for one year. The transition between menopause and post-menopause is unclear, as women experience similar symptoms during both phases. Some of the symptoms that women going through menopause experience include irregularities in blood flow, sleep loss, weakened bones, dry or wrinkled skin, mood swings, sexual dysfunction, cognitive decline, fatigue, and weight gain.

In the past, these symptoms were considered inevitable; today, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can help alleviate or even eliminate these symptoms. If you are suffering from severe menopausal or post-menopausal symptoms, read on to learn more about how BHRT can help naturally alleviate these symptoms and restore your estrogen levels.

Tips for Naturally Balancing Estrogen Levels

As women age, they experience a range of hormonal symptoms due to changing estrogen levels. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) has been recognized as an effective, natural solution to avoid these adverse effects. Over the past two decades, BHRT has gained popularity because it manages symptoms caused by hormonal changes without the potential risks and side effects associated with synthetic hormone therapy.

Bioidentical hormones are designed to have the same composition as the natural hormones in your body and are derived from plant sources such as yams and soy. In contrast, synthetic hormones are mass-produced in pre-determined strengths before reaching the market.

Bioidentical hormones are specially created for you at an FDA-monitored compounding pharmacy following a trained professional’s assessment of your hormone levels. Compounding typically involves the combination of several ingredients to meet an individual’s unique needs.

BHRT is a natural, safe, and effective treatment for hormone imbalances in aging women. The hormones used for treatment mirror the bio-identity of hormones in your human body. When you use bioidentical hormones, your body’s cells recognize them and can put them to use as usual. Bioidentical hormones are safe because they fit perfectly into the hormone receptor “locks” of the cells in the body where they do their work.

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Bioidentical hormone therapy starts with a comprehensive blood or urine test measuring your various hormone levels. By determining the baseline levels, Dr. Edward Jacobson will customize a natural hormone therapy replacement plan for you based on your needs. If your body lacks normal estrogen levels, Dr. Jacobson will start you on bioidentical estrogen replacement therapy. Your body’s hormones typically work together in concert with each other, meaning that a change in one hormone inevitably affects others. By determining your individual hormone levels and using BHRT (in combination with a fitness and nutrition program), you can join the thousands of women who have improved their quality of life through the natural benefits of BHRT. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.