Greenwich Hormones for Anxiety

The emotional struggles associated with anxiety can stem from a variety of factors, with hormonal imbalance being a common cause. Hormonal imbalance can cause a host of unwanted side effects, ranging from physical conditions such as hot flashes and weight gain to emotional and mental issues like brain fog and anxiety.

If you are suffering from chronic stress, it may be time to speak with a doctor about Greenwich hormone therapy for anxiety. Dr. Edward Jacobson could help you pinpoint the source of your anxiety and determine whether hormone treatment is the best choice for your physical and mental health.

The Impact of Anxiety on the Body

Anxiety takes a severe toll on the body, especially if left untreated. While occasional stress is a normal part of living, ongoing and unabated anxiety that affects your ability to live a happy and fulfilled life can be a sign of a larger issue.

Chronic anxiety can impact daily interactions with friends and loved ones and even reap ill-effects on the body in general. Ongoing anxiety can send signals to the brain to emit cortisol, the hormone that initiates a fight or flight response. With an increase in cortisol production, the nervous system can quickly become overwhelmed.

Too much cortisol can also cause issues like weight gain, skin breakouts, and muscle problems. When the body is continually operating on high alert, the immune system can also become compromised, which heightens a woman’s chances of getting sick and catching certain viruses.

How Can Imbalanced Hormones Cause Anxiety?

The two major hormones at play in a woman’s health are estrogen and progesterone. Both of these hormones can have a drastic effect on a woman’s mental state. The estrogen hormone boosts a woman’s levels of serotonin, which also known as the chemical for happiness. Progesterone kicks in during the latter part of a woman’s menstrual cycle and can leave her feeling downcast, stressed, uneasy, and generally anxious.

While imbalanced hormones are common during a woman’s period or pregnancy, other hormonal influences can lead to extreme anxiety that may be addressed through Greenwich hormone therapy. Certain health conditions can cause imbalance, as well as age and the onset of menopause.

Starting Hormone Therapy

Dr. Jacobson would conduct a thorough medical evaluation of a patient suffering from anxiety before prescribing hormone therapy. He may also order blood and/or urine tests to get an accurate read on your current hormone levels.

When a woman has already had a hysterectomy, she would likely be administered estrogen replacement therapy only. Otherwise, the treatment would typically involve both estrogen and progesterone.

Hormone therapy uses bioidentical hormones from plant sources that are modeled after the body’s natural hormones. In other words, the body recognizes the bioidentical hormones as those produced naturally.

This therapy may be administered in pill, patch, pellet, or gel form. After undergoing hormone therapy for anxiety in Greenwich, you may experience noticeable relief from your chronic stress, including enhanced concentration and recall.

Call a Doctor for More Information on Greenwich Hormones for Anxiety

If chronic stress is impacting your quality of life, Greenwich hormone therapy for anxiety could help you regain your emotional and physical vibrancy. It is crucial to talk with a doctor if you are considering hormone therapy, as not every patient is a suitable candidate for this type of treatment. Call our Greenwich office today to set up your initial consultation with Dr. Jacobson.