Estrogen Replacement Therapy for Osteoporosis in Greenwich

While you may feel generally fine minus minor aches and pains or some side effects from menopause, it is quite possible that your skeleton is not nearly as healthy as you think. Once a woman’s ovaries stop producing estrogen at menopause, her risk of developing osteoporosis rises considerably.

Fortunately, an experienced medical professional could help you determine whether bioidentical estrogen replacement therapy is an effective way for you to combat this risk. Estrogen replacement therapy for osteoporosis in Greenwich could help promote the long-term strength of your bones, while also eradicating other menopausal side effects at the same time.

The Silent Killer

Osteoporosis is known as “the silent killer” because those suffering from this condition often have no idea they are affected until they break a bone. These fractures often result from minor injuries that would not ordinarily cause a bone to break.

In truth, osteoporosis does not often prove fatal, but it can greatly impact mobility and quality of life, and victims often go through hip replacements and other major surgeries requiring significant rehabilitation therapy. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 300,000 people break a hip annually in the U.S., and the majority of these patients are postmenopausal women.

In addition, osteoporosis in the spine affects height and may give way to a stooped appearance, a sign of aging that no woman wants to endure. While men may also suffer from osteoporosis, the disease is more common in older white or Asian females, especially those with thin or petite builds.

Estrogen and Osteoporosis

Estrogen helps maintain bone density, which aids in osteoporosis prevention. Once the ovaries stop producing this hormone, bone loss accelerates. Bones become weaker and more brittle, leading to fractures. Once a woman becomes menopausal, she may lose as much as 30 percent of bone mass in the decade following her last period.

Bioidentical Estrogen Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical estrogen is not the same as that which is used in traditional estrogen replacement therapy. Because bioidentical estrogen is the same on the molecular level as the hormones produced by a woman’s own body, it can help prevent bone loss and increase the strength and mass of bones with no negative side effects.

Estrogen replacement therapy for osteoporosis in Greenwich is available in injectable, patch, gel, pill, and intradermal forms, based on the best type for each patient’s purposes. Women looking to receive estrogen replacement therapy should let their doctors know about any other menopausal side effects they are dealing with, such as loss of libido, dry skin, thinning hair, and insomnia.

In addition, women at risk of osteoporosis should stop smoking, limit alcohol consumption, and develop a regular exercise program that promotes good bone health. Good nutrition can help thwart osteoporosis, while a poor diet can exacerbate the problem.

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